If you’re one of those video gaming addicts who spend most of the day sitting in front the plasma TV while playing your favourite action game, you might want to check these must-have gaming accessories for better gaming experience.

Vibrating Controllers

Wireless and vibrating controllers add shakes and thrills to the video game you’re playing. Also, by having more controllers, you can invite more friends to join the fun.

Video Game Chairs

When you’re in the middle of fighting zombies, hunting for treasures and evading the cops, the last thing you would probably consider is your posture. Thanks to innovative companies who came up with the idea of video gaming chairs that allow you to squat and play for longer hours without experiencing back pains. Video game chairs are the perfect alternatives to bean bags and hard floors.

Flight Simulation Joystick

Flight simulation joystick can provide the most realistic flight experience. Good brands of flight simulation joystick come with complete buttons as if you are using the real plane controllers. Moreover, this type of joystick has control panel and throttle system.

Vibrating Headsets

It may be gimmicky, but the concept of vibrating headset works. A vibrating headset is equipped with a number of speakers for better virtual surrounding sound, which usually costs $15 to $30. But if you want exceptional gaming sound experience go for Rosewill’s sound cans. Though it’s a bit pricey, Rosewill’s produce undistorted high bass levels plus solid vibration feedback that adds an audio kick to any video game, all for the price of $50.