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People react differently when they face criticism. Some stay quiet while some get hysterical and loud. No matter how you react, you cannot discount the fact that criticism is really painful, embarrassing and shattering. You know that you cannot possibly please everybody. At some point in time, someone will criticize your ways but the important [...]

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The Truth About Epilepsy

Posted on 11 Jul 2013 In: Instructional Guides

Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that interrupts the brain’s normal electrical activity. Generally, symptoms include uncontrollable movements of the body, disorientation and loss of consciousness. Epilepsy can be a result of head injury, stroke, brain tumour, family history and infections (like meningitis and encephalitis). You should know that there are two types of seizure depending [...]

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Summer is here and like most people, you’re probably now planning for your long vacation. But have you thought of securing your travelling investments in case something unexpected happen during the vacation? Understand this: purchasing travel insurance will help secure your time, effort and expenses for your vacation. Below are the different types of insurance [...]

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Accessories for Your Video Gaming

Posted on 4 Apr 2013 In: Instructional Guides

If you’re one of those video gaming addicts who spend most of the day sitting in front the plasma TV while playing your favourite action game, you might want to check these must-have gaming accessories for better gaming experience. Vibrating Controllers Wireless and vibrating controllers add shakes and thrills to the video game you’re playing. [...]

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Posted on 3 Jan 2012 In: Instructional Guides indoporn