With five operating NEWater facilities spread across Singapore, the PUB is really making tremendous effort to ease out the water shortage in the country.

The quality of the reclaimed water is actually higher and cleaner than any other source of Singapore’s potable water supply. In fact, the standards of the NEWater exceed that set up by the World Health Organization and the USEPA.
The waste water that is converted to NEWater goes through a series of four barriers during the purification process before it is declared fit for domestic use. The water taken from the standard filtration process is put through an additional process of micro-filtration to filter out suspended solids, reverse osmosis to remove viruses, bacteria and heavy metals and finally, ultraviolet treatment to inactivate all organisms in the NEWater treatment plant. Finally, the pH of the water is restored with alkaline solutions and NEWater is fit for domestic use and drinking purposes.

Introduced in 2003, NEWater ever since has been successfully and primarily used for industrial purposes like machinery cooling and wafer fabrication. The demand for NEWater in an industrial set up has risen almost 15 times- from 4 mgd in 2003 to about 60 mgd in 2011. Currently, the NEWater plants are recycling over 20 million gallons of water every day.
The NEWater facility at Bedok encourages visits from Singapore’s citizens and has a Visitor Centre built for the same. Information about the NEWater plant is given for free to all the visitors here.