Summer is here and like most people, you’re probably now planning for your long vacation. But have you thought of securing your travelling investments in case something unexpected happen during the vacation? Understand this: purchasing travel insurance will help secure your time, effort and expenses for your vacation. Below are the different types of insurance policies you can take.

Health Care

This is the most important travel insurance every traveller should get, and most especially for people with sensitive health or pre-existing health conditions. While you’re on vacation, accidents and other health-related issues can hit you. By having a health care insurance, you will be assisted with the expenses of your medical bills.

Trip Cancellation

This could be one of the first travel insurance policies that the provider will offer. In case you have to cancel your travel because of some unexpected reasons, or the plane or cruise has gone out of business, your expenses will be reimbursed according to the agreed amount you have with your provider.

Stolen or Damaged Baggage

When travelling, baggage become prone to loss and damage. Having this insurance will help you get reimbursed for stolen or damaged baggage during your trip. However, valuables, such high-end phones, jewelleries and cash may not be included in the policy. So make sure to check how much your insurance is willing to cover.

Travel Document Loss

Important travel documents like passports are very important when travelling. In case of loss of any of these, the travel insurance will cover all of the expenses needed and assist you in any transaction involving the lost travel documents.