People react differently when they face criticism. Some stay quiet while some get hysterical and loud. No matter how you react, you cannot discount the fact that criticism is really painful, embarrassing and shattering. You know that you cannot possibly please everybody. At some point in time, someone will criticize your ways but the important thing here is not to let it affect the way you see things. You can face and accept criticism by considering the following tips:

Take it easy

If you receive a criticism, pause for a while to regain your composure. You don’t need to react or respond right there and then. Just give yourself time to think of the proper reaction or response. If you react or respond without thinking, you will surely regret it. If you feel calmer and your mind is clear, it is time to address it.

Consider it as an opportunity to improve

Criticisms are not personal attacks but words than can change your life. If you see it a personal attack and you find it hard to accept, you will encounter difficulties and it may cost you your family, friends, career or relationship in the long run.

You should see it positively and rise above the challenge. Consider the criticism an opportunity to be better in whatever field you belong.

Thank the critic and learn from their criticism

Thank the critic because they took part in moulding you. No matter how painful and shattering their comments are, just think that they want you to be the best in the field and they are training you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to clarify.